Prague for the Art Lover

Prague for the Art Lover
19 / 04 / 2016
Imagine getting lost on the cobbled streets that once witnessed secrete romance stories between blue-blooded Czech royalty, and their Austro-Hungarian rulers. This is when you will understand why Prague is revisited like an urban art gallery, over and over again: its vast arteries are lined up with outstanding landmarks of diverse architectural styles. You could live in the City of a Hundred Spires for a lifetime and still not visit all the great sites that make Prague a true royal city. And when it comes to art, as in art museums, galleries and artists' studios open for public visits, Prague truly has more than enough to offer. Nová galerie is for Czech fine arts. The gallery exhibits local talent, in thematic exhibitions that challenge your imagination, and inspire meaningful dialogues. These are works that exude creativity and adventure, works that inspire you to learn, observe, imitate, develop, and play. Nova also aims to present and support of top Czech artists both at home and abroad. The curators choose artists based on the quality, message and singularity of their works. nova Výtvarný ateliér Malování kreslení is a fine art studio and workshop in the center of Prague. They offer classes for children, youth, adults and seniors. The classes and workshops are conducted by academic painters, sculptors, architects and designers. Berlínskej model is a new, young gallery, also with focus on Czech talent, but they also feature visiting, international artists. The gallery was designed to resemble the art galleries typical to Berlin Mitte. Artists who exhibited here included, among many others, Milan Kohout, Michaela Kuříková, Jan Šerých, Vladimír Turner, Aleksandra Gronowska, and Ivars Gravlejs. You will always find something outstanding to admire. The art gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Galerie AVU, fulfills more than the traditional functions of a gallery: besides its own academy programs, it features events organized by curators, artists and students of other Czech and foreign schools. They always have interesting exhibits, and a schedule of events with focus on diversity and dialog. DOX Prague The DOX center of contemporary art is a multi-functional space focusing on the presentation of contemporary art, architecture, and design. However, what truly recommends this place is its predilection for controversial and edgy art. They feature both contemporary Czech and international art, with strong focus on social topics that are shaping and transforming today’s world.


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