Magic Stay: Mamaison Hotel Riverside Prague

Magic Stay: Mamaison Hotel Riverside Prague
17 / 10 / 2014
With its heritage beauty, glorious parks, museums filled with countless treasures, jaw-dropping monuments, and some of the best stages in the world, Prague has always been a top choice for city breaks. When visitors come to town, they expect the same remarkable experiences from the places that will become, briefly, their home away from home. Set cosily on the West bank of the Vltava River, on Janáčkovo nábřeží, the waterfront street at the heart of Prague, dotted with many architectural gems, Mamaison Riverside Prague has got it all: a stylish Art Nouveau façade, stunning Belle Époque interiors, and unadulterated river and city views that inspire romance. Mamaison Riverside Hotel In the true spirit of Mamaison Hotels and Residences, the Riverside exudes a feeling of timeless elegance, and a certain tranquillity that makes the visitor forget about the hustle and bustle outside its walls. Inside the airy and well-lit rooms, the roll-call of chic ticks all the boxes: a discrete and soothing colour scheme, king-size beds covered with fine fabrics, cosy armchairs to relax with a glass of champagne, and large windows that fill the rooms with light, and the heart of the visitor with dreams. Mamaison Riverside is the kind of place to rekindle a romance, or just to spend a weekend admiring the fairy tale views of the city, knowing that the best is yet to come. By day, the river sparkles under the sun, reflecting the skies above, and the city’s towers and turrets. All the visitor needs to fill up with the spirit of the city, is a moment in front of the window, taking in the soothing effects of these magnificent views. Mamaison Riverside Hotel Then, on to enjoying the full benefits of a Mamaison stay, or just to relax after a day’s trip, a stop at the Lounge bar is just the perfect place to spend a few moments in good company, with a signature cocktail in hand, or a glass of wine. This is also the place for a delicious meal, especially if authentic local, yet contemporary cuisine is a priority. Mamaison Riverside is just as fascinating by night, when the city sparkles under the stars, and the river glitters with a million lights, under the eyes of lovers whiling away the dark hours in perfect harmony. As time passes by, and Hypnos finally takes over weary eyes, the magic of the views lingers on, becoming a dream that soothes the soul. Mamaison Riverside Hotel The next morning, after a light breakfast, the views call the visitor outside, to explore the city, and to take in her true charm. Some of the most famous local landmarks are within very short walking distance: the National Theatre, the Dancing House, Charles Bridge, the architectural gems dotting Janáčkovo nábřeží… Even those who want to explore the lesser advertised, more energetic side of Prague have plenty to do: kayaking, jogging, inline skating and other active pursuits are just a stone's throw away. Back at Mamaison, the stress of the day can be relieved by skilful hands, providing one of the most popular hotel services: relaxing massages. And, as the sun sets, the visitor opens a window, to take in the twilight that brings out Prague’s royal beauty in such vivid colours.


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