Fun for Children: Království železnic in Prague

Fun for Children: Království železnic in Prague
22 / 04 / 2018

Království železnic, the Railway Kingdom, is one of Prague's most interesting attractions that can be visited with the little ones. Nevertheless, it's fun and informative for all ages.

Království železnic is the biggest interactive railway museum in the Czech Republic. It enjoys a central location, ten minutes walk from Mamaison Hotel Riverside. Walk past the Park Portheimka towards the Saint Wenceslas Church and you will find the museum about 150 meters from the Anděl metro station and the Smíchov Synagogue.

The Railway Kingdom interactive museum boasts five sections depicting different areas of the country. The section dedicated to Prague occupies about 65 m² and features 165 meters of tracks with seven miniature trains, plus about 1600 miniatures, including the Prague Castle, the Petřín outlook tower, Vyšehrad, the Staropramen brewery, and the Velká Chuchle Racecourse where you can see a miniature horse race. You should also visit the 1:1000 scale urban model of Prague.

Central Bohemia at Království železnic is represented on a surface of 132 m² with 330 meters of tracks and 14 train sets passing by landmarks like Karlštejn, Kokořín, and the Škoda car factory.

Next stop, the Karlovy Vary region, boasts 120 meters of tracks and 9 train sets traveling among 125 buildings to Karlovy Vary and the Thermal spa hotel.

Next, the Pilsen region stretches on about 117 m² and has 260 meters of tracks and 11 train sets. The main landmarks here are Radyně castle, the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and the Dobříkov viaduct.

Finally, the Ústí nad Labem region takes only 54 m² and boasts 195 meters of tracks. Here you can see miniatures of the Střekov castle, the Motor racing circuit Most, and the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Most.

Most exhibits at the Království železnic museum are interactive: for example, you can push buttons to see the cars at the racing circuit in Most in motion. A visit here is a great experience for young and old. The exhibition occupies two underground floors inside the Anděl City administrative building. The exhibition opened in 2009 with only 115 m² and, in time, it expanded to 1008 m².


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