Books and Coffee in Warsaw

Books and Coffee in Warsaw
27 / 05 / 2018

Who said books are old-fashioned and the Internet will replace reading paperbacks? In Warsaw, they are making a strong comeback in hipster cafes that stock all kinds of titles to create a pleasant atmosphere for clients but also to promote culture and the arts.

The best bookstore cafés in Warsaw

  1. Tarabuk - ksiegarnia & kawiarnia

    Tarabuk - ksiegarnia & kawiarnia is a bookstore and café at the Nowy Świat Muzyki, a cultural center with a focus on music, which offers daily concerts, meetings, and other events. Tarabuk is family-friendly and organizes puppet shows weekly, as well as other events for the little ones. The bookstore stocks interesting, inspiring books, not always by known authors. They have a large selection of volumes relating to different cultures, spiritual traditions, and world-outlooks. This cafe is highly recommended for its selection of children's books, literature and poetry, and travel books too. They have comfortable seating indoors and outdoors and serve quality, freshly roasted coffee and all kinds of snacks. The atmosphere is familiar and informal. You can follow them on Facebook to see what they have going on every week. Tarabuk
  2. Art Bookstore Królikarnia

    Art Bookstore Królikarnia is a chain of bookshops usually found in museums. In Warsaw, they have a shop at Puławska 113A at the Museum of Sculpture (Muzeum Rzeźby). Królikarnia has a relaxed atmosphere. You will enjoy excellent espresso and delicious homemade cakes surrounded by books. They also organize all kinds of intellectual events for young and old. Here's their Facebook page for current updates. Królikarnia Cafe
  3. MiTo

    MiTo is an art cafe and bookstore at Ludwika Waryńskiego 28. They have a good selection of foreign magazines and are particularly popular for the exhibitions organized here. They serve good food too. It's an LGBT-friendly cafe, so everyone will feel welcome and at ease. MiTo
  4. Wrzenie świata

    Wrzenie świata at Konstantego Ildefonsa Gałczyńskiego 7 has a strong focus on reportage and non-fiction. It is a cafe founded by writers of non-fiction and journalists, and therefore it attracts fans of the genre, activists, and students. The selection of books in English is very good. Add on top good food and great coffee and you will soon understand why this cafe is so popular. Wrzenie świata
  5. Psyche.Books&Cafe

    Psyche.Books&Cafe (Chodakowska 19/31) is a scientific bookshop and cafe offering books on psychology, pedagogy, psychiatry, sociology, philosophy, business and economics, media and communications, and political studies. It is located in the campus at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. You can find them on Facebook to see the events they organize. Psyche Books&Cafe


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