5 Favorite Attractions for Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague Guests

5 Favorite Attractions for Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague Guests
30 / 05 / 2017
If you stay at Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague, you can visit any of the top tourist attractions, but some of the most beautiful are within a short walk from the hotel.

Children's Island

Mamaison Riverside Hotel is a short six-minute walk from the Dětský Ostrov, the famous Children's Island of Prague, which lies on the Vltava River in the Smíchov district. The island boasts a popular children's playground with all kinds of attractions for the little ones: a carousel, sand pits, and slides, as well as sports courts (volleyball, artificial grass surface area for tennis or football, tennis and petanque courts, skateboard jumps, and more. Dětský Ostrov Dětský Ostrov (Image CC BY 3.0 by Honza Groh via Wikimedia Commons)

Muzeum Na Kampě

Muzeum Na Kampě is a great destination for art lovers. A modern art gallery, the museum is less than 15 minutes on foot from Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague. The museum is housed in the Sova's Mills on the eastern bank of the Kampa Island and boasts works from the private collection of Meda Mládek, wife of Jan V. Mládek.

Petřín Gardens

The Petřín Gardens are also a favorite for guests of the Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague. The park on the Petrin Hill, 130 m above the left bank of the Vltava River, boasts many attractions like the famous Strahov Monastery, the Petřín funicular, the Petřín lookout tower (like a miniature Eifel Tower), the Štefánik´s Observatory, the Rose Garden and others.

Palác Žofín

The Žofín Palace is a Neo-Renaissance building on the Slovanský Ostrov (Slavic Island), just ten minutes walk from Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague. The architectural landmark acts as a cultural center, a venue for concerts, balls, conferences and exhibitions. A full program is available on their official website. Palác Žofín

Dancing House

The Dancing House (Tančící dům) is a famous architectural landmark. Still one of the most controversial contributions to Prague’s famous architecture, this collaboration between Croatian architect Vlado Miluniç and the US-based Frank Gehry, completed in 1996, is no shrinking violet. Its whimsical glass tower is also known locally as ‘Fred and Ginger’ for the pinch in the middle of the tower that makes it resemble the famous hoofers in action. It's just seven minutes on foot from Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague.


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