Moscow Halloween: Parties Galore and a Fun Festival

Moscow Halloween: Parties Galore and a Fun Festival
15 / 09 / 2017
Although the Moscow Halloween is not a tradition recognized by the church and religious groups and conservative politicians try to ban it in Russia, you will find out that many Russian enjoy marking the event with parties, decorations, themed-food, and festivals. A Moscow Halloween festival takes place at Glavclub Green (Yota Space) on Saturday 28 October 2017. The lineup features Hilight Tribe, Skazi, Talamasca, Electric Universe, Z-Cat, Montti, Somnia, Timecode, and Spatial Plants among others. The festival begins at 11:50 pm and lasts till morning on Sunday 29 October. The Halloween party at Zil Arena promises to be a popular event too. In addition to monsters, ghouls, ghouls, bats and other unusual characters, the evening will feature up an excellent lineup of musicians and bands: CENTHRON from Germany with European gothic raves; Xe-NONE - one of the leaders of dance metal in Russia; MAESTRO NOSFERATU; Theatres Des Vampires; Centhron; and others. The Standard Bar organizes successful Halloween-themed parties every year in Moscow. You can dress up as a zombie and join the fun on the dance floor. They have amazing creepy cocktails, live music, and other surprises. Moscow Halloween at the Standard Bar Moscow Halloween at the Standard Bar (in 2016) Moscow Halloween Moscow Halloween decorations at Meat & more Saturday 28 October 2017 you can attend the Moscow Halloween expats' party at Jim 'N' Jack's. It's a private event with limited attendance. Also, every Thursday Jim 'N' Jack's expat bar organizes with Cadenza Music Institute Acoustic Open Mic nights where you can perform with the house guitar or bring your own instrument. Also Jim 'N' Jack's expat bar hosts live Rock concerts on Fridays twice a month with the best expat bands. Finally, if you want a more quiet celebration, Meat&More at Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow uses tasteful Halloween decorations to set a romantic mood full of charm. Our menus are also adapted to mark the event.


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